Missles Rain On Israel: Terrorists Fire over 100 Rockets

— by Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi

Today, as I write to you, over half a million Israelis have been forced to spend their Shabbat (Sabbath) in bomb shelters. Terrorists, based in Gaza and backed by Iran, have fired over 100 missiles, rockets and mortars at Israeli towns and villages. Eight people were injured but fortunately the Iron Dome missile defense system, joined developed with the United States, intercepted 25 of the most dangerous missiles before they could hit major population centers.

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Today is a terrible day for Israel and for the Palestinians. As more than 80 rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel, there is horrific and needless bloodshed yet again. In 2005 Israel gave up Gaza with hopes of peace. Thousands of Israeli citizens moved from Gaza so that the Palestinians could have a better future. But Iran-backed Hamas took control of Gaza.

Since then thousands of rockets have been fired by terrorists from Gaza. These rockets are aimed intentionally at Israeli civilians – even a school bus was targeted in the past. This weekend eight Israelis have been wounded. Thankfully, new technology with “Iron Dome” is saving lives in Israel. But yet again Israel has been forced into a defensive position where they must take pre-emptive action to avoid the loss of civilian lives.

Imagine, this is what happens when Iran does not have nuclear weapons to share with their proxies Hamas and Hezbollah. Given their proven system of arming, funding and training terrorists, how much worse would this be if Iran had nuclear weapons? The world must condemn the rockets now and must work even harder on sanctions to help stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the Palestinians must end the terror and come to the table to create a real peace and better future for both sides.

If this is what Iran’s terrorist allies can do now, just think what they will do if Iran develops a nuclear bomb. Today, the terrorists know there are certain red lines they cannot cross — but they will become bolder and more deadly if they think they can hide under Iran’s nuclear umbrella. Their violence will have no bounds.
Israel has responded with carefully targeted attacks that go after the terrorists firing the rockets and missiles and their leaders. Israel avoids targeting civilians – while the terrorists aim specifically at civilians.

Please use TIP’s automated system to send a letter to your elected officials and newspapers now and urge them not to ignore the dangerous situation developing in Gaza.  Use the talking points but try to write in your own words. Make your voice heard today!

Americans need to know the dangers that Israel faces every day and the existential threat it would face if Iran gets a nuclear bomb. Remember, this is a country whose leaders repeatedly vow to wipe Israel off the map.


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