Ron Paul and the Republican Jewish Coalition Candidate Forum

The Republican Jewish Coalition invited all major Republican candidates to their Presidential Candidate 2012 Forum with the exception of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) because of Paul applies his libertarian world-view to U.S. policy in the Middle East. The National Jewish Democratic Committee organized a similar event in 2004, but they invited all candidates including Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) despite the NJDC’s differences of opinion with Rep. Kucinich. Kucinich’s views were not well received at the NJDC meeting and there were pointed questions raised during the Q&A, but Kucinich was politely received and given an opportunity to make his case.

In November 2007, Rep. Kucinich said that if he won the Democratic nomination he would consider Rep. Paul as his running mate.

Jack Hunter writes the “Paulitical Ticker”, and posted the following commentary on Paul being locked out of the RJC Forum.

Ron Paul: Israel “Our Best Friend”

There is far more discussion of the pros and cons of current American foreign policy toward Israel in Israel than there currently is in the United States. The Republican Jewish Coalition’s decision to exclude Ron Paul from their GOP presidential candidates forum yesterday was an attempt to make sure the conversation remains one-sided. In fact, this exclusion means the RJC believes there should be no conversation: Every other Republican presidential candidate already agrees with the foreign policy status quo-it is Paul who offers the only opportunity for a real dialogue.

Paul explains in the following interview how our current policies often undermine both Israel and our interests, how American foreign aid is a net negative for Israel, and how the United States’ habitual encroachment upon Israeli sovereignty consistently undermines that nation’s defense.

It should not surprise anyone that our greatest democratic ally in the Middle East would actually practice democracy, including free speech. Here, Paul explains foreign policy views that the Israelis themselves are exposed to on a regular basis and that many of them agree with, despite how rarely they might be heard in the United States.


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