Shalev: If Obama Treated Israel Like Reagan Did, He’d Be Impeached

— by David Streeter

Haaretz’s Chemi Shalev forcefully pushed back at Republicans attacking President Barack Obama’s strong record of support for Israel by shining a light on the many flaws found in the heavily blemished Israel record of President Ronald Reagan-a hero to nearly all modern Republicans. Shalev contrasted Obama’s unprecedentedly high levels of security assistance to Israel and his record of consistently supporting the Jewish state at the United Nations with Reagan’s lack of support for Israel in UN bodies and his decision to arm Saudi Arabia with “game-changing sophisticated weaponry.” Shalev also noted Reagan’s multiple open and serious conflicts with Israeli leaders along with his insensitivity towards the Holocaust.

Shalev summed up in his headline, “If Obama Treated Israel Like Reagan Did, He’d Be Impeached.”
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  1. Rachel Garber says

    Frist of all, you need to do somethng abt post comment. I previewd comment because my font is too small, My only option was to cancel what I wrote so now I have to write it all over again. What stands out most in my mind is the laying of the wreath for soldiers at Bitburg. He had the audacity to claim that the soldiers were victims as much as the Jews. So I hope this comes up with no typos, cause I don’t feel like posting this a 3rd time.

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