Loopholes in campaign finance law

By using loopholes in campaign finance law, the special interests have succeeded in denying the public important information about the funding sources of funding political discourse. An attempt to keep a group of fillings to the public in the dark, while coordinating their message with candidates for political comedy is doing well now, but will lead to tragedy if our elected officials begin to feel the pernicious influence of the full unlimited, silent Posts of companies.

In the final episode of Stephen Colbert, intrepid search for the absurdities of campaign finance to suspend non-regulation in the post-Citizens United, the actor has been trying recently launched a new super-PACs, some limitations remain to circumvent debate on its election activities. The Super PAC American Crossroads has recently submitted an application to the Federal Election Commission, asking permission for federal election candidates to appear in his so-called “independent” ads.

The group acknowledged that the ads with candidates would “fully coordinated with members of Congress before reelection in 2012” to be. After all, a great course, a PAC script would be to share and discuss the content of the advertisement appearing a candidate for it in her. However, Carrefour wants the U.S. FEC, an opinion stating that such ads do not qualify as “coordination” issue.


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