House GOP Chooses Big Business Over Stopping Iran

— by David A. Harris

The House Republican caucus voted for a measure to allow an Iranian-linked mining company to receive access to America’s largest copper mine. While House Democrats voted along party lines to help stop Iran, House Republicans chose instead to stand with big business. In the past, when House Republicans reached across the aisle for help with passing sanctions, almost 100 Democrats happily responded. Yesterday when Representative Ted Deutch (D-FL) moved on the floor of the House to urge Congress to reconsider, the House GOP unfortunately and unanimously said ‘no.’

These sanctions are a critical tool to prevent its regime from developing nuclear weapons. Since taking office, President Barack Obama has led a global effort to impose sanctions. Most importantly, experts and impartial observers have noted recently that the sanctions are successfully hindering Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon. The economic effects of the sanctions have left Iran economically and diplomatically isolated. They continue to communicate that the President and the world will not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran.  

Particularly in light of recent events, now is the time to be tightening the sanctions, not allowing for big corporate exceptions. NJDC urges House Republicans to seriously reconsider their position on this central issue.

Cartoon reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen


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