Maybe Mitt Romney Should Be Their One Issuing An Apology

At last night’s Republican Presidential Debate hosted by CNBC, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney made the claim that he will “not apologize for the United States of America,” inferring that the President has done so. His comment was fact checked by The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, who said,

“No matter how many times Romney says this, it simply is not true. We have documented extensively — back in February — how Obama did not apologize for America in his trips overseas. It’s a four Pinocchio error.”

Last night, the former Massachusetts governor pushed back against the impression that he has changed his stands in order to attract support from the Republican base:

I think it is outrageous the Obama campaign continues to push this idea” that I am a flip-flopper

While the Democratic National Committee has certain been pushing this message in their Which Mitt?  website and as has Priorities USA Action in the video above, he “conveniently ignores the fact that Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry, two of his rivals, have been running ads making exactly that case. The Huntsman ads actually are pretty funny.”

Huntsman video after the jump.


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