Recapping the Election

The big news is that Mississippians rejected the personhood ballot question 57%-43% and Ohio rejected the anti-union question 61-39%. RAH!! YAY!! People who can read voted yesterday. Russell Pearce lost his recall election (won his recall election?) – either way, the guy who wrote Arizona's heinous immigration law was recalled and ousted. A win no matter how you call it. Steve Beshear held the Kentucky governor's mansion. It was a good night overall. Would have been nice to capture the Mississippi governorship, but it was still pretty amazing that an African-American even made it to the ballot.

And in a race you might not have been following, Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards beat Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown for Montgomery County Commissioner. Bruce Castor actually came in third, meaning he will keep his (incumbent) seat. Before the votes were fully counted, Castor said “I'm hoping I'll finish fourth,” Castor said dryly. “But I'm afraid it's going to be third.” The current commissioners, in addition to Bruce, are Jim Matthews (brother of Chris) and Joe Hoeffel (perennial candidate). There's a lot of intrigue and deal making with the Montgomery County Commission, there has been for years. Deals and lawsuits and the Montco County GOP throwing Jim out of the party. But I digress: the important thing here is that Jenny Brown was the teabag candidate, and Democrats now control the county for the first time in history!

This should give us all hope for next November. I know I feel enervated by the results. Quite different from last year. 


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