Agudath Israel of America Praises Obama UN Speech

Rabbi David Zwiebel
 hspace=— Rabbi David Zwiebel

Mr. President,

On behalf of thousands of families that comprise Agudath Israel of America’s Orthodox Jewish constiutuency across the nation, I write to commend you for your clear and wise words to the United Nations General Assembly earlier this week.

The stance you took on the Palestinian Authority’s ill-conceived unilateral declaration of statehood was courageous and principled. So too was your pointed description of the daily dangers Israel faces

By reprising both the distant and not-so-distant Jewish past, and referring overtly to the ‘historic homeland’ of the Jewish people, you boldly stated facts that have been crying out for a voice…. your speech at the United Nations further confirmed your deep concern for Israel and her citizens.

Coming mere weeks after your unhesitating and decisive action to rescue the Israelis who were trapped my a mob in Cairo, you speech at the United Nations confirmed your deep concern for Israel and her citizens.

The Jewish religion hallows a concept called hakarat hatov – that when good is done, it must be recognized and appreciated.

We recognize the good you have done. And we deeply appreciate it.

Sincerely, Rabbi David Zweibel


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