Ask the Expert: A Dry Bones Cartoon

— by Yaakov Kirschen

Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen  

As a political cartoonist I’m supposed to present my explanation of current events. The problem is that trying to explain the motives behind America’s current inconsistent “Arab Spring” policy is REALLY difficult. So, baffled, I decided to comment on my plight!

Today’s cartoon features a TV Middle East Expert answering questions that have been “tweeted in” to him.



  1. James Philadelphia says

    They are different to the USA foreign policies. Why? It is a mystery . Nobody knows. There are no explanations. Guessing will lead you nowhere. That is the way it is. The Kurds are watching. Maybe. Turkey is watching. Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas are anxious , all that investment on weapons going to waste. All that anti Israel rhetoric going to waste. This is the Middle East. You take a country one at a time. Hey do not forget Iraq, it is next to Syria, the Sadam,s family and the billions of dollars are in Syria and Jordan. Surely that makes Syria quite different from Lybia. The Lybian rebels are managed by Hizbullah operatives. Do you mean that Hizbullah operatives are allied to USA and NATO forces ? It is possible. It is to the advantage of American interests. Well let us stop the guessing. Let us go and ask our secretary of state, there will be a straight and honest answer to this mystery. Otherwise we have to ask Ray Misterio, who after all wears a mask and is one of the good guys.

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