NJDC President and CEO David Harris Responds to Gallup Poll of American Jews

–by David Harris

This Gallup poll demonstrates definitively that the American Jewish community is not being fooled by the disturbing smear campaign being waged against President Obama and his outstanding pro-Israel record. Not only was Jewish approval of the President statistically unchanged during the six-week period in which his opponents engaged in an organized effort to distort Administration policies for political gain, but the +14% favor shown to him by American Jews overall has remained virtually constant since he took office in January, 2009.

“When it comes to everything this President has done to strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship — as with every issue — facts are our friends. And the more American Jews learn the facts, and cut through the virulent smear campaigns, the more and more they will support this President. In the meantime, enough is enough. The time has come, once and for all, for those who continue using Israel as a political wedge issue for partisan political gain — including far too many GOP presidential candidates — to cease and desist. It’s profoundly damaging to the bipartisan U.S.-Israel relationship, and apparently American Jews aren’t buying it either.”



  1. James Philadelphia says

    This president has been the most anti-Israel in recent memory. His impolite treatment of the prime minister of Israel is now legendary. If American Jews do not see it we Christians pro Israel have it quite clear.
    Obama has to go. We will vote him out.  

    • Joe Magid says

      The Obama Administration has been and continues to be a staunch supporter of Israel and your statement to the contrary is demonstrably false. Having a disagreement with the current Prime Minister, who is not particularly known for being demur, is hardly tantamount to being anti-Israel, it’s called politics for a reason after all.

      As for “pro-Israel” Christians, if that means pro-meeting the preconditions for the Rapture at which time all us Jews will be going to Hell, I wonder if it’s the kind of friends Israel should be looking to.

      • says

        I agree with Joe on this one. See my article “A Fundamental Error” from the January 2007 Philadelphia Jewish Voice for more on why Israel should be leery of Fundamentalist Christian “supporters” of Israel

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