Israeli Master’s Soccer Team: An Example of Diversity in Middle East

— by Michelle Effron Miller

The Consulate General of Israel in Philadelphia hosted the Israeli National Master’s Team (Nivcheret Yisrael Vatikim) this week. The soccer players began a few years ago as an unofficial group of former professional players who simply wanted to keep active in the sport. Now they travel the world representing Israel and its diversity. The Israelis play as one although they are members of several different religions: Christian, Druze, Muslim and Jewish.

Beginning the U.S. tour in Philadelphia (Tel Aviv’s sister city), last Sunday they challenged the West Chester Predators’Over-30 Men’s Travel Team. Although the Israelis fought a hard game, they lost 2-1. Pictured here, the Israelis are in white and blue uniforms, the Predators are in black.  

Michelle Effron Miller is the Director of Media and Governmental Affairs for the Consulate General of Israel in Philadelphia. For information contact her at [email protected]

Photo Credit: Consulate General of Israel in Philadelphia.


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