Influential Jewish Organizations PJA and JFSJ Legally Merge

–by Anne Grant

Two prominent Jewish organizations, the Progressive Jewish Alliance (PJA) and Jewish Funds for Justice (JFSJ), legally merged on June 1.  Officials signed the merger after JFSJ’s Simon Greer and PJA’s Elissa Barrett announced their joining of forces at a May 26 dinner sponsored by PJA in Los Angeles.

According to a letter following the merger, Greer commented, “The merger of PJA and JFSJ arose from years of close collaboration, and the mutual recognition of our organizations’ shared values, vision and goals.  JFSJ had aspired to build local bases in geographically diverse areas of the country, while PJA aimed for a national reach. It became obvious that we were a complementary fit.”  

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Both organizations plan to continue implementing social justice in America through a Jewish perspective.  Greer noted that the combined efforts of the two organizations will hopefully help create economic opportunity for workers and a realization of the human rights of disadvantaged Americans.  In his letter, Greer emphasized that the merger “will build on our strengths and successes in training skilled leaders, investing in communities, combating fear and bigotry, and creating opportunity as an expression of core Jewish values.”

Want to help create a new name for the combined organizations?  Click this link to share your ideas!


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