A Passover Tale

We all have them: the family stories that enrich the holidays, be they holy days or festivals. One of my favourite ones is of Passover. 

It happened about 10 years ago. My mother was cooking. My dad and I had finished setting the table, and my dad was trying to figure out where to put the Afikomen. He'd put it in the piano bench the year before and Noah (age 6 that year) had found it in like 2.3 seconds. We decided to wrap it in a linen napkin and Velcro it to the bottom of the dining room table. My precocious pup Olivia was with us, she was about 4 at the time. At the appointed time, my dad said “Okay, it's Afikomen time. Find it.” Olivia immediately ran under the table and barked. Ben (about 10 at the time) said “What's Olivia going to do with $5? This is unfair.” My dad counselled that Olivia liked toys like all the other kids! Olivia went back to hanging with Noah who had a propensity to drop food he didn't like — and he didn't like brisket at all…..a win for Olivia all around…. 

What's your favourite Pesach tale? 

Publisher's Note: Here is my story.

 When I was young I had a Schnauzer named Pepper.  We were hiding the Chametz before Passover. We did the symbolic search with 10 pieces of bread, and tried to find really tough places to hide it. Of course, we took notes of where we hid them; G-d forbid we lost a piece of bread after sanitizing the whole house. Anyhow, my brothers couldn't find one piece and eventually they gave up, and I consulted my notes. I went to each of the 10 spots and couldn't find the chametz, but they had only collected 9. Clearly there is a discrepancy. What a conundrum … until we noticed the bread crumbs on the face of Pepper. 


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