Free Noisemaker Gragger App for your iPhone this Purim

Happy Purim!

Just in time for this year’s megillah reading! Now, you can use your iPhone to participate in a customary Jewish megillah reading experience-using a noisemaker, or gragger, to drown out Haman’s name. Noisemaker Gragger is a free iPhone app from Behrman House Publishers pre-loaded with fun sounds and you can even record your own sounds to play when you hear Haman’s name. It even works like a traditional gragger, just spin it around above your head to make noise. Give your students a link to download this app (it’s free!) and explain that the action (of using the gragger) reminds us to use our voices to speak louder than the voices of evil.

The Noisemake Gragger app is a virtual gragger on your iPhone.  You can pick from different sounds or record your own and twirl your iPhone like a gragger to make noise.  Remember to wait for Haman’s name.

Get Noisemaker Gragger on iTunes now.


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