Networking Central Presents J Street

— Harold Jacobs

J Street is the home and voice of pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans.  It is an organization which provides voice for mainstream American Jews and others who, from their progressive and Jewish values, believe that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essential to Israel’s survival as the national home of the Jewish people and a vibrant democracy. J Street advocates urgent American diplomatic and political leadership to achieve a two-state solution; it fosters broad  debate on Israel and the Middles East in national politics and in the Jewish community.

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J Street represents Americans who support Israel in its desire for  security as the Jewish homeland. J Street believes that a two-state solution is in the best interests of Israel, the Palestinian people and the United States.

J Street advocates vigorously in Congress, the  Executive Branch, the media and the Jewish community to ensure that government officials and community leaders see the breadth and depth of support for its views on Middle East policy among voters in their states and districts and in the country at large.          
Visit the J Street Website for more information or to sign up for their email list.

The J Street family consists three legally separate organizations.

  • J Street itself is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation, and a registered lobbying organization, which uses advocacy, organization and education to achieve its goals on Capitol Hill and with the Executive Branch. One of its activities has been to invite its listserve members to join in email letters urging policy positions to President Obama, Secretary Clinton and members of Congress, most recently a letter to Secretary Clinton urging action to close the gap resulting from the breakdown in the Israel-Palestinian negotiations.
  •  J Street PAC is a political action committee. It endorses and raises money for federal office candidates who support active American leadership to achieve peace through the two-state solution.
  •  J Stret Educational Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(5) charitable organization.  It educates targeted communities about the need for the two-state solution, It also uses the J Street listserve to circulate news of matters affecting  progress and`stumbling blocks in the two-state solution.  Locally, J Street Local, [email protected] organizes information events and spreads the J Street message.


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