Surviving on Food Stamps

Today, the amount people receive for food stamps decreases. I bring this up because in discussing the Republican appeasement deal on taxes, people seem to think that it's okay to trade things. But what y'all are forgetting is that the GOP is NOT negotiating in good faith: they'll take everything from the non-rich that they can, and hurt the truly poor worst of all. Any Democrat who does not stand up and say “this is wrong, and I will not be a part of it” does not deserve re-election, nor even the right to call themselves Democrats.

The “deal” to give a paltry increase to the school lunch program was paid for by cuts in food stamps. Think about THAT when you think it's okay to extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and think about it in this light: currently, a single adult on food stamps receives $6.67 a day for food. Tomorrow, that will fall to $6.17 a day. In 2013, rates fall more.

So there you have it, those making millions a year live happy, while those whose sole source of income (think 99ers and those who have exhausted the 5-year welfare lifetime welfare benefits enacted under Clinton) now have $6.17 a day as their total source of income. Unless, of course, they panhandle or collect recyclables.

A City Councilwoman is spending this week seeing how it feels to live like that. 

A friend sent me the article yesterday, and I looked at what I had eaten the day before to see what I spent on food. I'm a vegetarian, and not a big eater (although I do drink reasonably expensive Keurig coffee). Here's what I ate the day before I knew what food stamps would be cut to for a single day:

4 cups Keurig coffee ($2.00)
breakfast: 1 apple ($0.75),1 yoghurt ($0.75)
lunch: 1 big bowl homemade soup (approx $1.00), roll ($0.69)
dinner: Morningstar Farms Veggie Riblets ($1.85), broccoli ($0.50), quinoa ($0.30)
snacks: glass of organic milk ($0.41), homemade dried fruit and nut mix (approx $1.00)

Total: $9.25

I didn't happen to eat out, I don't eat meat….a day of lunch at McDonalds and a dinner including a piece of fish, or someone who eats more food could easily more than double that total. 

What did you eat yesterday? How much did it cost? Could you live on food stamps? Barely survive on food stamps? 

THIS, friends, is the true cost of appeasing the Republicans. It's always at the expense of those who can afford it the least. If the Bush tax cuts expire for everyone, the rich face a small percentage increase, but those on minimum wage face an increase of 50% (from 10% to 15%). However, in total dollars, it costs very little to shore up the safety net.

Could you survive on food stamps?


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