Happiness does not necessarily come in a box of fast food

Dr. Daniel E. Loeb

To fight the national epidemic of childhood obesity, San Francisco recently passed a resolution forbidding toys being bundled with children’s meals such McDonalds’ “Happy Meal” unless they do not meet certain basic nutritional standards as an effort. This law has been criticized as denying parents the right to chose how to raise their children. Critics bring up the specter of an “overprotective nanny state.”

On the contrary, this law opens up choices for parents. They can buy the toy by itself,  the “happy meal” by itself, a “healthy meal” by itself, or buy a toy along with either meal and slip it inside before giving it to their child instead of being trapped into McDonalds’ logic of all-or-nothing.

This a great win for parents, healthy children, freedom of choice, and capitalism.



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