Thanksgiving Hunger Quiz

In honor of Thanksgiving, here is a Hunger Quiz from the Jewish Federation:

  1. People are hungry because there is not enough food for everybody on our planet.
    • True
    • False

  2. You can tell if someone is hungry by how they look.  
    • True
    • False

  3.  How many children does the United Nations estimate die every day from causes related to hunger and poverty?
    • 40
    • 400
    • 4,000
    • 34,000

  4. How many people a month in the Greater Philadelphia area does the Mitzvah Food Project of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia serve?
    • 250
    • 1,000
    • 2,000

Answers are the jump, along with hunger relief resources.

Answers to Hunger Quiz

  1. False.  Each year a total of 470 pounds per household is thrown away.
  2. False
  3. 34,000
  4. 2,000

Now that you have learned more about the problem of Hunger, please support one of the local organizations dealing with this important issue.


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