Keep Out The Vote Effort

Speaking of Philadelphia voters Tom Corbett said, “we want to make sure that they don’t get 50%.” He urged his supporters, “Keep that down.”

It’s hard to believe that a sitting attorney general would tell people to make sure that citizens don’t vote, but that’s exactly what he said. See for yourself in this video.

“Keeping Out The Vote” instead of “Getting Out The Vote” like good logic when polls show Dan Onorato ahead in the Governor’s race among all registered but show Tom Corbett ahead if you focus simply on so-called “likely voters”.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Tom Corbett says he wants to make sure that voters don’t turn out to vote on Tuesday instead of protecting our right to vote, while last week we saw the Bucks County Board of Elections systematically denying absentee ballot requests to Democrats while allowing similar requests by Republicans.

It is a sad day for Democracy.

So get out and vote on Tuesday.


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