Board of Election Tampers with Absentee Ballot Applications

Bucks County Board of Elections employees fixed incorrect and incomplete absentee ballot applications submitted by Republicans; Denied six Democratic applications for every one Republican – over 80%.

Stunning new evidence came to light this afternoon that the GOP-controlled Board of Elections tampered with Republican absentee ballot applications, altering and fixing those that were incorrect or incomplete to keep them from being rejected. At the same time, the Board has been rejecting hundreds of Democratic applications, often based on the same problems that they fixed on the Republican applications.

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The new revelations continue to demonstrate a deeply troubling pattern by Mike Fitzpatrick’s GOP allies to target Bucks County Democratic “>absentee ballot applications for rejection and suppressing the Democratic vote. Over 600 absentee ballot applications have been rejected by the GOP Board – over 80% of which were from Democratic voters. In other words, the partisan Board of Elections is rejected 6 Democratic applications for every 1 Republican.

Michelle Merrick, a registered Republican from Bensalem, submitted an application for an absentee ballot, which included incorrect and missing information. The Board of Elections actually corrected the application for her. Michelle registered to vote under her maiden name “Michelle Merrick,” but she filled out the application under her married name, “Michelle Rubin.” In an attempt to salvage the application, the Board of Elections altered the pplication to read “Michelle Rubin Merrick.”

Despite the Board of Elections’ blatant attempt to salvage this Republican’s absentee ballot application, she still failed to include her birthdate, which should have invalidated her application. It didn’t. Meanwhile, Democratic applications have been denied for innocuous mistakes relating to the date of birth, like filling in “today’s date” instead. But unlike Michelle, they will not have the opportunity to vote absentee or have their voice heard in Tuesday’s election – simply because of their political party.

Among the Democrats rejected was Wade Messer. In the space for birthdate, Wade made a mistake and wrote in the date that he filled out the application: 8/15/10. But Wade is a registered Democrat, and he didn’t get the same special treatment as Michelle. Wade’s ballot application was rejected.

Scott Leossy made the same mistake, putting the date he applied – 8/25/10 – on the line for the applicant’s date of birth. But Scott is a registered Democrat and he didn’t get the same special treatment as Michelle. Scott’s ballot application was rejected.

These facts add to the pattern of GOP voter fraud and partisan politics at the Republican-controlled Board of Elections, coming on the heels of revelations that GOP candidates Mike Fitzpatrick and Rob Ciervo sent a letter to Bucks County voters instructing parents on how to commit voter fraud on behalf of their kids.


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