Rep. Rush Holt: A Tireless Advocate for Israel

Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ) is currently under attack by the right-wing Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI), which has been caught multiple times advancing false charges against Democratic members of Congress. Salon found ECI’s attack ads to be “so misleading as to be essentially a lie”.

Holt is a true friend of Israel. Some of his recent pro-Israel actions include:

• Holt was part of a delegation to Israel that included Representatives Debbie Wasserman-Schulz (D-FL) and Steve Israel (D-NY). The delegation met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and with Jordan’s King Abdullah. During the trip, Holt declared that he will “continue to support the efforts to secure a just, permanent, and peaceful settlement that both guarantees Israel’s security and establishes a viable Palestinian state.”

• The New Jersey Jewish News reported on the status of Israel’s policies towards Gaza following Holt’s meeting with Netanyahu:

According to Holt, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vindicated the signers’ position during his meeting with Holt on Labor Day.

‘Bibi said to me, “You tell the people back home that I provided the humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza, just as you asked,”‘ said Holt, using Netanyahu’s nickname. ‘It makes the point that the huge flap over the “Gaza 54 Letter” called for humanitarian aid, and that is what Israel has done and what it is doing now.’

• Holt stood with Israel in the wake of the Flotilla incident.  

• Holt held an intimate meeting with members of the Orthodox Union. The Orthodox Union said following the meeting [emphasis added]:

“The Congressman was forceful in his articulation of his support and love for Israel citing his long track record of foreign aid funding, Iran sanctions work, and economic/scientific partnerships between the United States and Israel.”

“… [The] Congressman agreed with the Orthodox Union’s position on Jerusalem, passionately arguing that Jerusalem should be the undivided capital of Israel…”

“It was refreshing to hear the Congressman say that he answers to no PAC and no organization but to his own heart and history with Israel and the Jewish people. Our community was also overwhelmed by his support for an undivided Jerusalem and his insightful positions on the current direct talks.” – Maury Litwack, OU Deputy Director of Public Affairs

Holt’s positions are not just some generic pro-Israel statements, they are the positions of a tireless advocate for Israel and someone who has Israel in [his] heart.


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