Truth In Politics: Why Jim Gerlach is “Camera Shy”

Why did Jim Gerlach limit himself to two debates against Manan Trivedi? And why did he forbid the press from recording the yesterday’s debate in Chester County? Surely Jim Gerlach is not “camera shy” is he.

The Gerlach campaign was surprisingly forthcoming with the answer.

When asked why the campaign did not allow recording, the spokesman, Gregory Francis, said, “We didn’t see a benefit for us.”

Clearly the Gerlach campaign is hoping that his stands, faux pas, and gaffes go unseen by the vast majority of his constituents. Unless the Gerlach campaign adopts a more open approach to the campaign, our only remaining chance to see the candidates spar is to show up tomorrow at the only remaining debate: It will be held 7:30pm tomorrow, Tuesday, October 12 at the Main Line Reform Temple in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

Gerlach’s poor performance in yesterday’s debate explains why he refused to allow any videotaping or audio recording of the debate. Only two minutes before the debate started, he refused the request of members of the press to create recordings of the event.

“It is shameful that a congressman would want to hide from his constituents, though with a record of hurting his own district like Congressman Gerlach has, it’s no surprise,” Trivedi said. “But I know that the people of the 6th District deserve more than buried truth and hide-and-seek. No one is ever going to start trusting their elected officials again unless we send new leaders to Congress who will start practicing the transparency and openness that a democratically-elected government requires.”

After only accepting two debates, and none in Berks County, if Gerlach were to refuse taping at both debates, he would be preventing all but the very smallest handful of his constituents able to attend these two debates from comparing the candidates side-by-side. Gerlach is refusing the voters the opportunity to make an informed decision this election cycle, which is a disservice to the people of the 6th District and our democracy as a whole.


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