Oy Vey: It’s Time to Apply

A Cultural Guide to Colleges for College for Jewish Parents

If your child is in middle school or high school, you are probably thinking ahead to his or her college studies. What University would be best for your child? Where will he or her thrive, and grow not just academically, but socially, and Jewishly?

Jerome Ostrov has visited schools all over the country and has written the book Oy Vey: It’s Time to Apply and created the website JewishCollegeExchange.com to share his knowledge with Jewish parents. Not only does he present the pros and cons of each school from the point of view of a Jewish parent, but he gives practical advice to increase your chances of having the school accept your child, and just as critically have your child accept the school.

Once at school, your child will be exposed to other groups and ideas, so it is important for your child to be well grounded in our own culture, our own values and our own history in order to navigate college successfully. Accordingly, Ostrov reviews the history of the Israel-Arab conflict and emphasizes the importance of Jewish day schools and summer camps so you can defend your child against the pro-Palestinian activists prevalent on so many campuses.

Given the economic realities that we are living in, paying for college is more difficult than ever. His list of three colleges with over $50,000 tuition has grown to three pages, so Ostrov provides important financial aid information.

Be sure this book is on your bookshelves and refer to it as you guide your children along the path to adulthood.  



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