Saving the House: Grassroots to the Rescue

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Yesterday, chatter started early in the morning with Mike Allen's Playbook that “highly placed Democratic operatives” were convinced the House is gone come November. This was repeated throughout the MSM during the day and evening. The “operatives” were never named.

In a few hours, the GDP numbers for second quarter are due to come out, and they're expected to be devastating. This on top of bad housing and consumables numbers earlier this week. So much for “recovery summer.” Bad for the home team.

If the House is gone, what will the GOP do once John Boehner is Majority Leader? Will they try to fix the economy? Nope. Will they extend Tier 5 benefits? No. Will they actually try to make government smaller, as the teabag candidates are promising? Not a chance. What they'll do is to launch all sorts of investigations to punish Democrats, find new tax programs to soak the middle class while giving dollars on top of more dollars to the rich, and will work to stop anything of worth that the Senate or Administration might attempt to do. Finally, they'll endeavor to do anything they can to eviscerate even more of the Constitution than the Bushies had time to get to. 


Therefore, this is the time to get up and organize. Yes you. The people who don't knock doors and make phone calls – we need you.  Make it a point to call one person a day: or just 7 a week. Friends, family members, neighbors, your kids' friends' parents – tell them how important it is to not let the House go down. (And to vote for the correct Senate candidate, too.) You think that so little an effort won't matter, but it will. It's grassroots, and it will make a difference. Remind them that this economy is the FAULT of the Republicans, and doing the same thing and expecting the same result is the definition of both stupidity and insanity. Convince them to make that one phone call a day.

If we don't do this, not only will we lose the House, but we'll deserve to lose the House.

Before joining DCW in the spring of 2008, I used to send a morning email to about 600 people, which was passed to more people than that. I had started that in 2000. A lot of you reading this have been reading me for a decade. Over that time, I've asked you to contribute to various charities, to get out and vote, to get your kids registered, to join with local organizations and work to get people elected. Some pleas were heeded, and some fell flat. But if I can't get you to make a few phone calls, and you stay home on election day along with everyone else, then the teabaggers win.

I know you're discouraged. I know you're disappointed. Angry. Recently impoverished. Scared.

Get up, get out, and do it anyway.

Need a phone list, a local contact, a script, more information? Drop an email to the demconwatch email address in the left side bar. Put in your phone number if you want me to call you.

This is the little blonde girl saying: please, PLEASE, help me save my world. The stakes are too high to stay silent. And yes, we can.

Together we certainly can. 


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