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Several months ago, PJV changed over from a once-a-month online magazine to this current blogging format. While there were many reasons, the two primary ones being that information could be disseminated on a more frequent basis and so that you, the reader, could more easily respond to articles.

With a monthly format, everything had to be in by a certain date, edited, arranged and published: the new format allows for more timely dissemination of stories virtually immediately. 

In addition, PJV is now far more interactive: for example, if you have a comment on an article, you don't have to send a Letter to the Editor and wait for the following month, you can comment at the end of the post. To do so, click on “There's More” at the bottom of the post:






Then, on the full post, click on the comment link:




It really is that simple! 

If you'd like to write an article on a topic of your choice, you can do that, also. You can view the information on how to do that here. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, and we'll get them answered for you. Also leave a comment if you have any questions about navigating the new site, topics you'd like to see covered, or anything else related to PJV. Face it, if you've got a question, it's likely that someone else does, too. 

Changing formats is hard. Change is always difficult. But this is an opportunity to get the same quality of information and be able to make your voice heard at the same time. 


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