An Interview with Manan Trivedi

Dr. Manan Trivedi and his wife Surekha

Democratic Candidate for Congress – Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District

— DocJess

Manan Trivedi
was born and raised in Berks County.

He was the first surgeon on the ground in Iraq after the 2003 invasion, and was on active duty until 2009.
He is currently in private practice in Reading, and lives in Birdsboro. Last April, Manan and Surekha had their first child Sonia Kalpana Trivedi. Trivedi is the Democratic nominee for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District.

His opponent this Fall is Republican incumbent Rep. Jim Gerlach.

Doc Jess from Dem Con Watch met with Trivedi last winter.
Trivedi was incredibly forthcoming as he spoke decisively about the campaign and his stand on the issues.

Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District

Why are you running?

Manan Trivedi told me that his background is different from most people running for office,
since he is a physician, and not a career politician. He is also a vet,
and wants to give voice to
the needs of the 60,000
in CD-6. He believes that “uniform trumps party.”
He is running because he believes that his perspective, both as a doctor and a vet, would bring a unique perspective to the

Health Care

One of the most contentious issues going is that of
health care reform.
Manan Trivedi is a
Single Payer
advocate. He believes that all Americans need access to care,
and is also very concerned with the doctor-patient relationship, which he believes has been co-opted by the current system.
His perspective is that of a doctor.


Manan Trivedi wants
all the troops out, and believes the escalation was wrong.


Trivedi feels very strongly that the economy is a big problem.
His approach
is fourfold.

  • He would like to see more small businesses created, especially those tied to health care;
  • he would like for people to take advantage of the financial mess through national service jobs like AmeriCorps
    and the Peace Corps;
  • he sees energy as a source for the future; and
  • he believes that the stimulus program has not been good enough, we need to move towards a solar and wind based energy policy
    that will both move us forward, and will add many jobs.


Trivedi is a strong supporter of Israel, and believes in a two-state solution.
He believes that Israel has a right to defend itself.
He has never been to Israel, although he would like to go.
He bases his feelings on the situation on his relatives’ experiences in India.
He has relatives in Mumbai who were thankfully unhurt in last year’s bombing.
He knows through his in-laws in Mumbai what it is to live under the threat of terrorism,
and believes that it is no way to live: not in India, not in Israel.

Social Issues

Trivedi supports gay rights and wants the Defense of Marriage Act, and
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed.
He is pro-choice
and stands firmly against the Stupak Amendment and any other assault on a woman’s right to choose.

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