Obama Promotes Israeli Security

— David Harris

Last week The Washington Post reported that security and military ties between the United States and Israel “have grown ever closer during the Obama administration.

Over the past months we have seen what Defense Secretary Robert Gates called an “unprecedented” level of strategic military cooperation between our two countries. Among other things, President Obama requested and received $2.8 billion for directly assisting Israel’s security; restored Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge, which eroded during President George W. Bush’s Administration; and helped secure $205 million for the Iron Dome Missile Shield, which protects Israel’s southern and northern towns from Hamas and Hezbollah rockets.

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In a recent interview with Israeli television, President Obama stated, “My administration has provided more security assistance to Israel than any administration in history. And we’ve got greater security cooperation between our two countries than at any time in our history.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirmed this by saying, “I trust Barack Obama, President of the United States to carry out with me the policies that have joined Israel and the United States. And what Barack Obama has called the ‘unbreakable bond.'”


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