Simple Eggplant Salad

Summer is the peak season for eggplants, and the perfect time to prepare a roasted eggplant salad. This dish is perfect for a picnic basket to enjoy on a leisurely summer day.

The quality of an eggplant can be discerned by its shell. The peel should be shiny and taut — this is how you know that it is fresh. You can estimate how many seeds an eggplant has by its weight: the heavier it is, the more seeds it has.
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Salmon In Pastry

A perfectly elegant dish for springtime is salmon in pastry. It is easy to prepare and a wonderful crowd pleaser. All you need is good quality salmon and frozen puff pastry.

I buy the best quality salmon I can find. Salmon does not live in the Mediterranean sea, so I have to buy it frozen. I purchase salmon that has been flash-frozen on the fishing boat. I leave it in the refrigerator overnight to defrost, then I prepare my tasty treat.
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Cauliflower With Breadcrumbs, Almonds and Raisins

Every time I go shopping I am tempted to buy cauliflower. For some reason, I have a lot of sympathy for cauliflower. It is not as popular as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, or eggplants.  

Today I am going to make cauliflower with Panko breadcrumbs, almonds, and raisins.  This is a delicious way to prepare this classic winter vegetable

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