Knesset OK of Pluralistic Prayer Ban Has Far Reaching Consequences

The Western Wall, with crowd in front and Jerusalem Skyline beyond.

The Western Wall

Imagine being invited to a party. Of course, you knew that you would be invited since you are related to the celebrants. In fact, you helped pay for the party. Even though you are an out of town guest, you have been in touch with the hometown family, following their lives, investing in their businesses, and supporting their decisions. Whether or not you agree with them, you have been there for them and with them – always with unwavering devotion. That is what you expect of yourself as a member of this large extended family.

After entering the dance hall, you approach a table with place-cards arranged alphabetically. It is strange that your place at a table is not listed. As the band plays, the celebrants dance the hora. You, however, are told to stand to the side. [Read more…]

Women of the Wall Call Jewish Women to #LightOneCandle

kotel menorah

The Western Wall’s men’s section during Hanukkah.

Women of the Wall will gather today for a women’s candle lighting at the Western Wall protesting against the exclusion of women at the Wall, and calls Jewish women around the world to share online photos of themselves lighting a candle for the cause:

Each year on Chanukah, a large, majestic Chanukah menorah is erected in the men’s section of the Western Wall. Each night, a candle lighting ceremony is held and different Israeli politicians and religious leaders – all men, are honored and women are left to stand on plastic chairs barely able see the festivities and the candles.

The organization has asked Jewish women to take a picture of themselves lighting a candle, and share it on Facebook or Twitter with the tag #LightOneCandle. The organization’s website lets visitors send an email form to the Wall’s administrator, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, who denied Women of the Wall’s request that this year’s Hanukkah, a large menorah be placed in the women’s section as well as in the men’s section.