Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought Among Free Classes announces that the organization is now offering all courses free of charge – to assist prospective students who had previously been unable to enroll because of the ongoing, global economic crisis.  

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One new, featured course offered by this semester is Rabbi Natan Slifkin’s class entitled The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought: From Ants to Elephants. Rabbi Slifkin is best known for his unique study of zoology’s relationship to Judaism and is popularly known as the "Zoo Rabbi." His course will cover the  symbolism of predatory animals in Judaism as well as the mythological  creatures that are contained in the Midrash.

Tehila Leah Gers, a  student based in Far Rockaway, New York, says:

Each semester, offers unique and  intellectually-challenging courses that sharpen my perspective on life  and my role in the world. Now that classes are free, I’m  sure that many prospective students will take the opportunity to enroll  in many classes to continue enriching their Jewish learning. I  especially like that all the teachers give an email adddress for  questions, and that everything is archived for review or for a missed  class.

In addition to Rabbi Slifkin’s class, new courses include:      

Rabbi Yedidya Rausman, Founding Director of said: hand-picks the best educators in the world to give new,  inspiring courses on topics that are relevant to everyday life. Our new  course-roster includes some of the most intriguing courses available in  Jewish Studies to stimulate thought-provoking discussion and provide  valuable life-lessons.

In addition to the new courses available, traditional favorites like  Gemara, Kabbala, and Talmud provide students with the core curriculum of  Jewish learning.

Full fall 2011 class schedule with detailed course descriptions is  now available.