Syrian Children Targeted by Snipers, Only Israel Will Help

— by Ronit Treatman

As the civil war rages in Syria, stories of atrocities against civilians trickle out.

I was contacted by a Syrian pulmonologist, Dr. Sawsan Jabri. She is a member of the Union of Syrian Medical Organizations, whose mission is to provide humanitarian and medical aid to Syrian people trapped in the conflict. Dr. Jabri shared this testimony with me, written by a doctor in Syria, whose identity she would not divulge in order to protect this person’s life.

This physician saw Ula, a 6 year old girl. She was wearing her best clothes during Eid al-Fitr, the break fast of Ramadan, playing on a swing. “All of a sudden Ula fell off the swing,” said the doctor.

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In the emergency room, her mother reported that Ula didn’t utter a sound. What happened? I thought Ula had simply fallen off the swing, much as other kids do elsewhere when they play. The difference is that the other kids get up again soon. We carried out a full assessment but could not explain her unconsciousness. She was not responding at all! We decided to do an X-ray. The image showed that a bullet had settled in the girl’s midbrain.

I spoke with Dr. Jabri by telephone. “This incident occurred on Syria’s border with Turkey,” she told me.

None of Syria’s neighbors are offering medical assistance to wounded Syrian civilians except Israel. We are thankful to Israel. This is humanity regardless of our background and past conflicts. There are many stories like Ula’s every day. Let’s not wait until we see the tragedy of another girl losing her life like Ula.