Elementary School Foodies Recommend Healthy Recipes

— by Yehudeet Gore

IMG_0724At Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia, first- and second-grade “foodies” are learning about smart eating in a group called Food Power, and they have some healthy snacks to share with The Philadelphia Jewish Voice.

Guided by the Choose My Plate format, the six students hope to become experts on the food groups and the importance of balanced meals and snacks. Nate Bleier, Irmiyahu Rubin, Yaakov Noam Shrager, Shira Ben Samuel, Ahuva Ludzker and Sruli Fineman have created “superfood superheroes,” played meal-building games, and prepared extra-nutritious “power snacks.” They even took a trip to Nana’s Kitchen to learn an all-senses lesson in herbs, and they created smoothies in all colors and tastes.

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Shavuot To Go From The Dairy Café

The Dairy Café 321 Montgomery Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA (610) 808-9045 Hours Sun – Thurs: 7am to 9 pm Friday: 7 am to 4 pm (Saturday coming soon)

The Dairy Café
321 Montgomery Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA
(610) 808-9045
Hours: Sun–Thurs: 7am-9pm
Friday: 7am-4pm
(Saturday coming soon)

The Ancient Israelites did not receive the laws of Kashrut until G-d gave them the Torah at Mount Sinai. It is traditional to eat dairy foods during the Jewish holiday Shavuot which commemorates the anniversary of this event. One explanation is that until they could kosher all of their dishes and utensils, the Ancient Israelites ate dairy foods. This year, it is easier than ever to follow this tradition. All you have to do is go to The Dairy Café.

The Dairy Café is a casual eatery located on Montgomery Avenue in Narberth, PA. It is both dairy and kosher. I parked effortlessly in the adjacent parking lot. The light and airy two-story restaurant is an inviting space, with free WiFi, sofas, and even a “quiet room.” The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the service quick and efficient. It feels like a Starbucks, with really good food.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast features an impressive array of omelets, sandwiches, blintzes, and pancakes. I stopped by for lunch. The first thing I noticed was the refrigerated case of freshly prepared, ready to go foods and drinks.

10527273_657793144323099_1659056034654098322_nSince I was famished, I picked one of their fresh, crispy prepackaged salade niçoise salads; Shredded broiled tuna, a hard boiled egg, and steamed green beans were nestled in a bed of spring greens, and coated with a lemony dressing made from scratch. A crunchy sesame bagel in the display case proved irresistible. I ordered it on the side. The bagel, and all the other breads and pastries, are baked by Six Points Kosher Events in their commissary.

The Dairy Café features artisanal pizzas, with local names such as the “Gladwyne” and the “Bala Cynwyd.” The cheese for the pizza is made in–house, with milk sourced from a Lancaster County dairy. The sauce is cooked from ripe tomatoes and fresh herbs. I tried the “Gladwyne,” and was impressed by the ample portion, the rustic crust, the aromatic roasted garlic and mushrooms, and the creamy cheese. It was delicious!

This is not the place to pass up dessert and coffee! I ordered a cup of cappuccino. It was extracted from beans roasted by Rival Brothers Coffee in Philadelphia. The beans were a rich, medium roast, and the cappuccino came with lots of delicious foam.

The Dairy Café produces its own line of gelato and sorbets. The sorbets are dairy-free. I ordered the dark chocolate gelato and passion fruit sorbet. The rich, semi-bitter chocolate was perfectly complemented by the bracing tartness of the passion fruit. In the near future, it will be possible to buy them by the quart to take home.

photo (19)In honor of Shavuot, I had to try the cheesecake. It is a rich, New York style cheesecake with a graham cracker crust. This cake is perfect exactly as it is. All it needed was that cup of coffee to go with it.

This Shavuot can be effortless. All you need to do is order your cheesecake in advance from The Dairy Café. You can order the rest of the food to go. Just add some good company, and it’s a party!