Technion Produces 2-Minute “High-Tech Hagaddah”

With lights, music and very few words, Israel’s Technion university has produced a two-minute “high-tech Hagaddah.”

The video uses breakdancing by Dvir Rosen, motion graphics, and an innovative laser light show. It is participating in the New Jersey Jewish Standard’s funniest Passover video contest.

Last year, the Technion built a seder Rube Goldberg machine.

New Leadership at American Technion Society

(Left to right) Zahava Bar-Nir,  Steve Berger and his wife Ilene Berger.

American Technion Society leadership: (Left to right) Zahava Bar-Nir, Steve Berger and his wife Ilene Berger. Photo: Bonnie Squires

Israeli-born Philadelphia-area resident Zahava Bar-Nir was recently named national president of the American Technion Society (ATS), which provides support for the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. She is the first Israeli woman in the organization’s history to assume the role.

Bar-Nir has held many local, national and international leadership positions at the ATS and the Technion, including President of the Philadelphia Chapter. For her dedication, she has received both a Technion Honorary Fellowship and an Honorary Doctorate.

At the Philadelphia chapter’s recent awards brunch at the Rittenhouse Hotel, Bar-Nir presented a piece of sculpture to outgoing Philadelphia-region president Steve Berger, while welcoming his wife, Ilene Berger, as the new chapter president. Berger has been promoted to the national board and the international board.

Bar-Nir was happy to point out that ATS has recognized and elevated women to important posts in the organization. The keynote speaker was Israeli entrepreneur Yael Vizel, another outstanding woman who is a graduate of Technion who had created a highly successful on-line application which allows shoppers to “try on” fashions before purchasing them. The virtual dressing-room from thousands of stores and fashion manufacturers has earned Vizel the title, “The google fashionista.”

Video: Inside the Israeli Anti-Missile “Iron Dome”

As uncertainty continues in Israel’s neighboring countries, the Iron Dome system is more important than ever. To better understand its role in Israel’s defense, the Technoion has produced this video.

Iron Dome launches interceptors to destroy rockets before they can cause injury, property damage and, most importantly, loss of life. The video features a student from Sderot, a small town in the south of Israel that has been the recipient of countless rocket attacks. It also explains how the system protects Israeli citizens.

One Mensch, One Heart, Two Rediscovered Legs

When my husband told me about the ReWalk demonstration in Ventnor, New Jersey, I immediately booked a hotel to spend Shabbat there, and be part of the event. The American Technion Society Philadelphia Chapter was hosting its annual “Down the Shore” program at Steve and Ilene Berger’s home. As the many guests enjoyed a copious summer buffet, anticipation grew about the event that was going to take place.

After a few words about various innovation projects at the Technion, Linda Richman, ATS Eastern Seabord Associate Regional Director, introduced Dan Webb, from Warminster, Pennsylvania, and his physical therapist John from MossRehab. Together, Dan and John are on a very unique path — the path to “ReWalk.”

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Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute Gets $133 Million Donation

Joan and Irwin Jacobs of San Diego have made a momentous gift of $133 million to name the Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute. Dr. Irwin Jacobs, founding chairman and CEO emeritus of Qualcomm, and his wife Joan will create the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute (JTCII). The JTCII is a key component of Cornell Tech, whose permanent campus will eventually be located on Roosevelt Island. The funds will help support curriculum initiatives, faculty and graduate students, and industry interactions in a two-year graduate program.

The gift was announced by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg during a press conference at New York City Hall, together with Joan and Irwin Jacobs, Technion President Peretz Lavie and Cornell President David J. Skorton.

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The Jacobses are both Cornell alumni and “Technion Guardians” who have a long history of supporting both institutions. Their support of the Technion includes the Irwin and Joan Jacobs Graduate School and the Irwin and Joan Jacobs Center for Communications and Information Technologies. A member of the Technion International Board of Governors, Dr. Jacobs is a Life Trustee of the American Technion Society National Board of Regents, and a member of the ATS San Diego Chapter. He received the ATS’ highest honor, The Albert Einstein Award, in 1996, and a Technion Honorary Doctorate in 2000.

The JTCII plans to offer a two-year interdisciplinary program where students concurrently earn dual master’s degrees — one from Cornell and one from the Technion. This degree program will allow students to specialize in applied information-based sciences in one of three hubs focused around leading New York City industries — Connective Media, Healthier Living and The Built Environment — while honing their entrepreneurial skills. The first area of specialization will be in Connective Media, and is slated to begin in the fall of 2014. Research will also be focused on the hub areas.

A novel program for Postdoctoral Innovation Fellows will launch in fall 2013. The aim is to support individuals who seek to commercialize their research ideas in the stimulating environment of the JTCII, while taking full advantage of the entrepreneurial network of Cornell Tech and the proximity to New York City-based markets. Dr. Jacobs, along with Mayor Bloomberg and Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, serves as an advisor to Cornell Tech, the overall campus that is part of Cornell University.  

This Is How They Light The Menorah At Technion

Technion students Eyal Cohen and Tomer Wassermann from the Mechanical Engineering faculty and Matan Orian and Dvir Dukhan of Industrial Engineering and Management take on the challenge to build a Rube Goldberg machine that lights the Chanukah menorah.

Behind the scenes video of the making of the film follows the jump.

Great News for the High Holidays from Technion

— by Meir Deutsch

Technion Professor of Chemistry Danny Schechtman was just awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This is a well deserved reward for his hard-working individual effort in spite of scorn and skepticism. Attached are two videos: One depicting the discovery and another on his initiative: the Enterprise Course at Technion. Enjoy and share with your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.