Local Leaders Discusss Romney’s Massachusetts Record

Friday, U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, State Rep. Eugene DePasquale & Somerville, Ma. Mayor Joe Curtatone held a press conference call to discuss Mitt Romney’s economic philosophy, his failed economic record in Massachusetts and why he’s the wrong choice for Pennsylvania. Mayor Joe Curtatone is a fifth term Mayor in Massachusetts who held his post while Mitt Romney was governor.

Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz:

Looking at his record in Massachusetts as Governor, we can see how he would take his private sector experience to the Federal Government.  Running for Governor he promised that he would create more jobs, there would be less debt and smaller government, but that actually didn’t work.  The actions that he took in fact lead to opposite outcomes, he really failed to deliver on those promises.

Somerville, Massachusetts Mayor Joe Curtatone:

Despite a lot of the campaign rhetoric at the time, where Romney promised us more jobs, less debt, and smaller government, as Governor Romney broke each and every one of these promises. Romney Economics actually led to slower job creation, more debt and bigger government. So when Mitt Romney claims his business experience will be good for America, he’s hoping voters don’t look at the evidence right here in Massachusetts. But they should, because we can’t afford to make the same mistake twice.

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Pennsylvania State Rep. Eugene DePasquale:

We can’t afford to let Romney do to America what he did to Massachusetts. While Romney Economics promises more outsourcing, loopholes and risky financial deals, that’s exactly the opposite of what President Obama believes. President Obama is fighting to move America forward, not backward. He believes we need a job-creating economy built to last — one where we grow the economy from the middle out, not the top down, and where hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, and everyone from Main Street to Wall Street does their fair share and plays by the same rules.

Mitt Romney’s successor in the Massachusetts statehouse, Governor Deval Patrick:

I’m here on behalf of the people of Massachusetts and the successor, myself, of Governor Romney. And I can tell you, he sold to the people of Massachusetts when he was running for governor the same lines he’s trying to sell to the United States and it just didn’t happen that way… He told us he would be about creating more jobs. We were 47th out of 50 in job creation during his time in office. He said that he would shrink government and make it more efficient. In fact, government grew in size in terms of the workforce. He told us he would bring fiscal discipline and left a structural deficit of over a billion dollars. So the record, which is relevant and indeed his only experience in public leadership, in government leadership, doesn’t point to the case he’s trying to sell to the American people today.

Nazi References in Choice Debate Unacceptable

(NJDC) Anti-choice activists and pundits have a long and clear record of invoking the Holocaust to protest a woman’s right to choose. Lately, many of those same forces have been attacking the mandate for health insurance companies to provide no-cost contraception to women contained in the Affordable Care Act. As their rhetoric continues to get nastier, at least one member of the anti-choice side has opted to invoke the Holocaust to protest women’s access to contraception.

According to NARL Pro-Choice America’s Blog For Choice, conservative pundit Eric Metaxas invoked Nazi Germany during a debate on MSNBC’s “Jansing & Co.” Apparently:

Metaxas called contraception and women’s health “side issues”-and then likened the no-cost birth-control rule to the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s:

In [my] book, you read about what happened to an amazingly great country, called Germany. I’m half German. Uh, in the early ’30s, little things were happening where the state was bullying the churches. No one spoke up. In the beginning, it always starts really, really small. We need to understand as America, as Americans, if we do not see this as a bright line in the sand, if you’re not a Catholic, if you use contraception, doesn’t matter. Because eventually, this kind of government overreach will affect you. If we don’t speak up, we’re gonna be in trouble.

As we have said repeatedly, invoking the Holocaust to make a political point is never acceptable. Doing so devalues the significance of the Holocaust and disrespects the memories of those who perished. We demand that those seeking to restrict a woman’s right to choose — including Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum — cease using such insensitive language immediately.

Amb. Rice: U.S. Will Stand With Israel to Prevent Nuclear Armed Iran

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— by Max Samis

Yesterday, new sanctions were imposed on Iran that effectively cut off the country’s central bank from the global economy. Following this announcement United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on MSNBC, where she discussed the sanctions with Andrea Mitchell:

The President has been very clear. The United States will stand with Israel and the rest of the international community to take the steps necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. This is a matter of great importance to our national security, as well as to countries in the region, obviously including Israel. We want to continue to increase the pressure on Iran-the economic pressure-to change its behavior, to change course and come clean about its nuclear program. We have ratcheted up the sanctions at every stage. The United Nations in June 2010 passed the broadest and harshest sanctions to date on Iran and those are having a real bite. We have passed, on a national basis, ever tougher sanctions. The EU has done the same. Countries in the Gulf Region and Asia, Canada, and many others around the world.  

And Iran is really starting to feel economic pressure-by their own admission-from the highest levels they’re saying that it’s crippling and biting. We think that pressure needs to have an opportunity to play its course. As the President has said repeatedly, we have taken no options off the table. But we hope and believe that it might be possible yet for this situation to be addressed through diplomacy. That is our hope. We will continue these efforts while ratcheting up the pressure on Iran and be clear in our determination that they will not gain nuclear weapons.

Rep. Lorettta Sanchez’s Republican Friends Admit to Holding Economy Hostage to Defeat Obama

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Interviewer: Harry Reid said yesterday, and frankly we’ve heard this from a lot of Democrats, the Republicans oppose the jobs bill for political reasons, that it helps them if the economy stays in bad shape. But, is that fair?

Sanchez: Well, it certainly is fair. I mean, I’ve heard my own colleagues on the Republican side say, “We just want to make Obama look so bad. We don’t care how bad the economy gets. We can win this election, we want our president –“

Interviewer: You’ve heard them say that?

Sanchez: Yes. They have said that. They’ve said that! They’ve said that behind closed doors to me! They said, “Nothing is moving.” They said, “We want to make him look bad. We want to get rid of him. We want to get rid of the health care reform bill.” They only way they believe they can get rid of health care reform is to get rid of President Obama.

Interviewer: Who is saying that, Congresswoman?

Sanchez: Well, I’m not gonna … these are actual friends on the other side who have said, “This is what is happening in our conference”, in their groupings when they’re meeting.