March on Harrisburg Benefit w/ Pine Barons & Ceramic Animal plus TIOGA

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March on Harrisburg Benefit Featuring PINE BARONS + CERAMIC ANIMAL + TIOGA at Boot & Saddle

HOSTED BY John Vettese / WXPN

Pine Barons
Born among the pitch pines of southern New Jersey, Pine Barons is a brotherhood of four artists aiming to find their rock n roll destinies. With a wide spectrum of influences, from classic rock to folk, jazz, and punk, Pine Barons is an amalgamation of four personalities and visions whose friendship and respect shape their craft. After many half-magical high fives, this troupe of ultra-pals have scribed their plans to spread their music to the thinkers, friends, lovers, and magicians of the world and combat forces of malice.

“Their clever, playful name got our attention, and their snappy music held it.”
-John Vettese, The Key WXPN

“Although their name is rooted in the forest, Pine Barons’ music travels across wide open ranges and some rather rocky terrain, offering an interestingly mixed, yet fully organic, bag of influences and surprises.”
-Peter Quinton, Monmouth University

“The glum tapering of the summer season in songs that feel more alive than you’re probably thinking right now. Listen and you’ll hear the triumphant graveyard shifting of Creeper Lagoon or some mutant, less mahogany-covered version of the capital Beachwood Sparks. You’ll hear in them musky warmth, the smell of a toasty, wood-smoked flannel, rainbowed Autumn trees and a night cut wide open by a spitting orange bonfire.”
-Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

The recipe goes something like four fingers cask strength indie rock with a twist of surf grunge and a psychedelic chaser. It can be served wet and topless but never neat.

Critics say they are “…reminiscent of lo-fi baroque pop Dr. Dog, neo-psychedelia Tame Impala and blues rock Jack White”.

YouTube fans insist they sound like the “…the Black Keys, Kings of Leon, and The Growlers all in one”.

That Mag says “Ceramic Animal is one band to bet on.”

TIOGA. Where Greg Adams, Derrick Dieso, and Austin Paragas converge to make music. Greg’s impassioned vocals combined with Derrick’s precise and skillful guitar and Austin’s clever bass lines come together to form TIOGA, the musical meeting point of their lives.

Up Against the Law Legal Training for March on Harrisburg

Come learn with five lawyers from Up Against the Law Legal Collective about our legal rights as we approach our massive upcoming nonviolent direct actions!
The agenda is:
1.Your right to protest
2. Interacting with police
3.Dos and Donts of what to bring
4. Who is at risk of complications if arrested (probation/parole/certifications/targeted populations)
5. How the criminal system works, likely charges, process
6. Legal Observing, role, how to, etc
7. Questions

March on Harrisburg Aims to Repair Trust in Our Democracy

— Michael Pollack

March on Harrisburg PosterMarch on Harrisburg is a grassroots, nonpartisan group dedicated to healing our wounded democracy and repairing the relationship between “We the People” and our elected representatives. We have a solid plan underway to pass three crucial and important laws in Pennsylvania, but first, it is important to understand the disease we are working to alleviate, the deep disease in our society, rooted in the way we relate to one another. [Read more…]

March on Harrisburg

By Emily DiCicco

March on Harrisburg was born in a D.C jail cell in April of last year. Well, not quite a jail cell. A warehouse-turned-holding area for the thousand plus protesters that had been arrested at the Capitol building. We, participants of Democracy Spring, a non-partisan movement to get big money out of politics, were arrested at the culmination of a 140-mile march from Philadelphia to D.C. — the final push to force legislators to acknowledge our demands. They didn’t. [Read more…]