Joe Sestak is a friend of Israel

The smear campaign that suggests otherwise disserves voters and Israel

By Peter Joseph

A smear campaign, led by a group titled Emergency Committee for Israel, wants Pennsylvania voters to believe that Rep. Joe Sestak has anti-Israel views and does not recognize Israel’s security concerns.

At first glance, the attacks on Mr. Sestak’s record on Israel appear as the usual mudslinging Washington politics in the midst of a hotly contested Senate race. But this misguided campaign is especially troubling not only in its falsehoods, but in its reckless use of Israel as a political tool to divide Pennsylvania voters.

The charges against Mr. Sestak have no merit whatsoever. In fact few members of Congress can match Mr. Sestak’s intimate understanding of Israel’s legitimate and significant security concerns and appreciation for the U.S.-Israel relationship.

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Photo: Congressman Joe Sestak and Israel Chief of Naval Operations Eli Marom.