A Proposed Solution to PA’s Gerrymandering Problem

This meeting is being hosted by DELCO PA Indivisible in order to greet new members, receive organizational updates and learn from guest speaker Debra Ciamacca from Fair Districts PA. Debra’s presentation will explore the extent of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania, discuss the problems it causes and offer a solution.

This event is open to anyone interested in joining us as we stand together to reclaim and re-envision our constitutional democracy through ordinary, courageous and non-partisan acts of resistance.

Fair Districts PA is a non-profit and nonpartisan organization comprised of groups and individuals who want to take the redrawing of legislative districts lines out of the hands of politicians and put it in the hands of a non-partisan, independent, transparent citizens commission so that districts lines are not drawn to benefit or disadvantage any political party or candidate. Voters should select their legislators, rather than legislators selecting their voters.

Indivisible: With Liberty and Justice for All

Indivisible Lower MerionRecently, a group of more than 50 concerned citizens gathered at a home in Villanova for a meeting organized by Rise Up: Indivisible Lower Merion. Indivisible is a national grassroots effort that helps citizens become more civically engaged through local organizing, specifically by targeting members of Congress. [Read more…]