People Moving: Olim or Yardim Edition

I just found a neat website that breaks down the world population by country, and for each country tells you how many immigrants there are and where they have come from.

Here is the data for Israel (Population 7,353,985):

Immigrants: 2,940,494
% of population: 39.99%
Migrant native countries

UKRAINE   248,699
MOROCCO   245,574
ROMANIA   182,099
POLAND   117,287
IRAQ    111,935
ETHIOPIA  87,556
IRAN   76,259

Emigrants: 1,020,565
% of population: 13.88%
Migrant destinations

USA                        149,039
CANADA                      24,819
GERMANY                     14,079
UNITED KINGDOM              13,531
JORDAN                    12,922
AUSTRALIA                  10,196
FRANCE                         8,719
NETHERLANDS                     5,206
BELGIUM                         3,804

Support the Jewish Labor Committee

John Mason

The Jewish Labor Committee is the Jewish voice within the Labor movement, and the Labor voice within the Jewish community, serving as a liaison between the two causes, sharing each side’s values.  
It was founded in February 1934 by Yiddish-speaking trade unionists, plus members of the Workmen’s Circle, the United Hebrew Trades, and the Jewish Socialist Bund, in order to combat the rise of Fascism in Europe and America.
In recent years, JLC has been active in the fight for the rights of immigrant workers, and has protested the abusive labor practices found in the Agroprocessors meat processing plant in Iowa, supported the Republic Windows and Doors workers in Chicago, and has worked for dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian trade unionists. One of JLC’s programs is the Labor Seder, linking the freedom struggle of the ancient Israelites to current and past Labor struggles.
Recently, the Philadelphia JLC has lost its funding from the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, which jeopardizes its ability to conduct its programs. Other JLC chapters may be facing this plight. If you want to help JLC, contact the main JLC office:
Jewish Labor Committee
25 East 21st Street
New York, NY 10010