How to Solve PA’s Gerrymandering Problem

Join Fair Districts PA on MARCH 30 at Bryn Mawr College to learn more about gerrymandering and how you can help change things.  Pennsylvania’s current redistricting rules let politicians pick their voters, not voters their legislators.  Carol Kuniholm will discuss the history of gerrymandering in PA, its impacts on various communities, and Fair District PA’s proposed plan for redistricting reform.  Redistricting reform is a non-partisan issue and reforms that have passed in other states have had the support of voters across party lines.  Fair Districts PA hopes to create an independent citizens commission for drawing district boundaries in time for PA’s 2020 redistricting.

RSVP to attend on March 30, 7pm at Bryn Mawr College, McPherson Auditorium, 150 N. Merion Ave.

Gerrymandering & How to Create Fair Districts in PA

Organizational meeting for Fair Districts PA volunteers in Carbon and Monroe Counties to arrange for legislator visits, informational meetings and presentations to the public, new volunteer outreach, letters to the editor, data entry and social media.

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Fair Districts PA is a non-profit organization comprised of groups and individuals who want to take redrawing of legislative districts lines out of the hands of politicians and put it in the hands of a non-partisan, independent, transparent citizens commission so that districts lines are not drawn to benefit or disadvantage any political party or candidate. Voters should select their legislators, rather than legislators selecting their voters.

March on Harrisburg

By Emily DiCicco

March on Harrisburg was born in a D.C jail cell in April of last year. Well, not quite a jail cell. A warehouse-turned-holding area for the thousand plus protesters that had been arrested at the Capitol building. We, participants of Democracy Spring, a non-partisan movement to get big money out of politics, were arrested at the culmination of a 140-mile march from Philadelphia to D.C. — the final push to force legislators to acknowledge our demands. They didn’t. [Read more…]

Montgomery County: Let’s End Gerrymandering

Feel like your vote doesn’t count? The reason? Gerrymandering. As things stand in Pennsylvania, voters don’t pick their politicians; politicians pick their voters. Districts are designed by party leaders to reelect legislators who support them and eliminate those who do not.

Join us for a meeting to learn how gerrymandering has shaped our districts and what you can do to influence change. Carol Kuniholm, chair of Fair Districts PA will speak about redistricting, how gerrymandering undermines democracy and what you can do to help. Learn about Fair District PA’s plan to reform redistricting in Pennsylvania and how recent federal court decisions and changes in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court may give Pennsylvanians the opportunity to take back control of our electoral process. Additionally, throughout the talk, graphic recorder Terry LaBan will be adding his talents to this event. There will also be time afterwards for questions and initial networking conversations.

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Standing Room Only at Gerrymandering Talk

Dan Loeb explaining gerrymandering.

Dan Loeb explaining gerrymandering.

Many Pennsylvania voters are concerned about gerrymandering and want to work towards fair voting districts. Dan Loeb, publisher of The Philadelphia Jewish Voice, gave a lecture on gerrymandering to an overflow crowd at the Ludington Library in Bryn Mawr. After all the seats were filled, dozens more people sat on the floor or stood on the sides and the back of the large meeting room.

State Rep. Mary-Jo Daley and Lower Merion Township Commissioner Brian Gordon were on hand to answer questions. Dan was introduced by Gayle Samuels of Fair Districts PA and the League of Women Voters.

Dan Loeb, a PhD. mathematician, said, “Voters are supposed to choose their legislatures. However, with gerrymandering, legislators choose their voters” (to ensure they will be re-elected). [Read more…]

Political Gerrymandering in Wisconsin and Its Implications for Pennsylvania

Wisconsin's Congressional Districts

Wisconsin’s Congressional Districts

— Carol Kuniholm and Barry Kauffman

On Monday, November 21, a panel of three federal judges determined that the Wisconsin Legislature’s 2011 redrawing of State Assembly districts was an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. This case, Whitford v. Gill (originally filed as Whitford v. Nichol), represents the first time in three decades that a federal court has struck down maps on the grounds that they give unfair advantage to a political party. [Read more…]

Prisoners Still to be Counted as State Residents

Prison based Gerrymandering.

Prison-Based Gerrymandering.

Census Bureau Proposed Prisoner Residence Rules Inflate Power of Some States

by Aleks Kajstura

The U.S. Census Bureau released its proposed 2020 Census ‘residence rules’ that ignore overwhelming public input supporting a change in how incarcerated persons are counted in the Census. The Bureau announced it is leaving in place the inaccurate and outdated practice of counting incarcerated persons as “residents” of the prison location instead of their home communities. Interested stakeholders have until September 1 to submit comments before this proposal becomes final. [Read more…]