Gerrymandering & How to Create Fair Districts in PA

Organizational meeting for Fair Districts PA volunteers in Carbon and Monroe Counties to arrange for legislator visits, informational meetings and presentations to the public, new volunteer outreach, letters to the editor, data entry and social media.

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Jan Little
(610) 442-1733
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Fair Districts PA is a non-profit organization comprised of groups and individuals who want to take redrawing of legislative districts lines out of the hands of politicians and put it in the hands of a non-partisan, independent, transparent citizens commission so that districts lines are not drawn to benefit or disadvantage any political party or candidate. Voters should select their legislators, rather than legislators selecting their voters.

March on Harrisburg

By Emily DiCicco

March on Harrisburg was born in a D.C jail cell in April of last year. Well, not quite a jail cell. A warehouse-turned-holding area for the thousand plus protesters that had been arrested at the Capitol building. We, participants of Democracy Spring, a non-partisan movement to get big money out of politics, were arrested at the culmination of a 140-mile march from Philadelphia to D.C. — the final push to force legislators to acknowledge our demands. They didn’t. [Read more…]

Narberth Democratic Club Annual Meeting

We will hold leadership elections for treasurer, secretary and membership committee, and we will possibly enlarge our executive committee. There will also be an open dialogue about our 2017 agenda and an exciting presentation from Fair Districts PA volunteer Dan Loeb. Finally, the meeting will include a petition party social, with petition circulation open to all Democratic candidates. Light Refreshments will be served.

For more information about the meeting, contact [email protected]. Also, if you would like to be considered for a leadership position in the club, please e-mail a brief statement of your interest. It’s an important time to get involved so that Democrats can rebuild and reinvent.

Montgomery County: Let’s End Gerrymandering

Feel like your vote doesn’t count? The reason? Gerrymandering. As things stand in Pennsylvania, voters don’t pick their politicians; politicians pick their voters. Districts are designed by party leaders to reelect legislators who support them and eliminate those who do not.

Join us for a meeting to learn how gerrymandering has shaped our districts and what you can do to influence change. Carol Kuniholm, chair of Fair Districts PA will speak about redistricting, how gerrymandering undermines democracy and what you can do to help. Learn about Fair District PA’s plan to reform redistricting in Pennsylvania and how recent federal court decisions and changes in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court may give Pennsylvanians the opportunity to take back control of our electoral process. Additionally, throughout the talk, graphic recorder Terry LaBan will be adding his talents to this event. There will also be time afterwards for questions and initial networking conversations.

For more information, contact [email protected].

Vote for Redistricting Reform

Since we don’t have citizen’s initiative and referendum here in Pennsylvania, redistricting reform won’t appear on your ballot. But we’ve been asking legislators where they stand on this conflict of interest. Some say things are fine as they are. Others say our current system puts too much power in the hands of party leaders and reduces every citizen’s choice on Election Day.

fair-districts-pa We know there are many issues that shape your vote, but we’re asking you to make redistricting reform a priority. [Read more…]