Mike Wallace 1918-2012: Eloquence Personified

— by Charles Smolover

Mike Wallace passed away last Monday at age 93. In 1958, he interviewed Abba Eban on the occasion of the Israel’s 10th birthday.

You’ll have to bear with Wallace shilling for the sponsor, Parliament cigarettes, but Eban’s eloquent, yet unapologetic response to Wallace’s at times aggressive questioning is impressive.

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Southern Jewish Memories

— by Hannah Lee

Already 38 years in print, Eli N. Evans’s The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South has garnered high praise by the late Israeli statesman and author, Abba Eban, who wrote of Evans: “the Jews of the South have found their poet laureate.”  Humbly identifying himself as “the grandson of a peddler,” Evans began his lecture at The National Museum of American Jewish History on October 16th by noting that being raised as a Southerner and a Jew were unique experiences that shaped his sense of self and of home.  In describing his boyhood in Durham, North Carolina, he said “I grew up like every other Southern boy– with a bicycle in the neighborhood and football, basketball, and picking honeysuckle in the spring.”
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