Anti-Israel Cartoon in Montreal Gazette Condemned by B’nai Brith

B’nai Brith Canada condemned an editorial cartoon published in the Montreal Gazette, that shows the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, defaced with an Israeli flag.

The organization’s CEO, Frank Dimant, said that the cartoon is “vile, grotesque and simply offensive.”

It is therefore inexcusable that the Gazette would deem it appropriate to publish.

The broader spectrum of Canadians supporting Israel, and the Jewish community in particular, deserve an immediate and unqualified apology.

Canadian PM Harper Banned From Visiting Dome of the Rock

Harper praying near the Western Wall.

The visit of the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, to the Dome of the Rock, was called off after Harper was told that his Jewish guards would not be allowed to enter the area.

Yesterday, Harper visited the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, and stopped to place a note in the wall as he took a moment of silent introspection.

B’nai Brith Canada’s CEO, Frank Dimant, said that his organization has “raised this issue with Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom.”

Equal access must be given to Jewish worshipers wishing to ascend the Temple Mount. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the religious discrimination going on at the hands of the Islamic Waqf responsible for administering the site.

Harper’s visit to Yad Vashem after the jump.
Harper also made a solemn visit to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum, where he paid respects to the 6 million Jews who perished at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War.

Dimant, who is the son of survivors from Auschwitz and Dachau, said that visiting the museum “undoubtedly reinforced Mr. Harper’s pride and understanding, not only about what Israel has achieved in the shadow of the horrors of the Holocaust, but how the Canadian government made terrible mistakes in the 1930s.”

Deport Nazi era Collaborator, says B’nai Brith Canada

— by Sam Eskenasi

B’nai Brith Canada welcomes court filing of federal order in council stripping Helmut Oberlander of his citizenship. Oberlander has been accused of complicity in Nazi-era atrocities and found guilty by the courts of lying about his war-time past when he entered this country.

Frank Dimant, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada:

“For decades we have been adamant that Canada must not allow itself to become a safe haven for those complicit in war crimes, whether during the Nazi-era or modern-day. Removal proceedings must be commenced as soon as possible so that Oberlander’s deportation from this country will follow this latest order to strip him of his Canadian citizenship. Such proceedings should not, must not, await any further challenge of the cabinet’s decision. There are a number of other long standing files that we hope the government will bring to closure in the interest of justice.”