Election Security Is a Matter of National Security

-David Dill

State-sponsored cyber-attacks seemingly intended to influence the 2016 presidential election have raised a question: Is the vulnerability of computerized voting systems to hacking a critical threat to our national security? Can an adversary use methods of cyber-warfare to select our commander-in-chief? [Read more…]

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Deny Cyber-War Chief Assassinated

Revolutionary Guards Parade.

(DEBKA) A statement issued yesterday by the Revolutionary Guards of Iran rejected reports that the head of the country’s cyber warfare program, Mojtaba Ahmadi, was assassinated.

The Guards said they were investigating the circumstances of his death and the motives of his attacker or attackers. Ahmadi, last seen leaving his home for work Saturday, was found dead with two bullets in his heart in a wooded area near Karaz, northwest of Tehran. The local police chief said two people on a motorbike were involved in the shooting. The Guards statement does not deny that Ahmadi was attacked, only leaves its motive open.