Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania Endorses Daylin Leach

Official campaign video.

— by David S. Broida, William Epstein, Burt Siegel and Jill Zipin (steering committee of Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania)

State Senator Daylin Leach is the candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district who best reflects democratic as well as Jewish values. Senator Leach’s long and unwavering record of support of women and families is well known, and he will continue to work to uphold and defend the civil rights of all people.

He supports increased funding for our public schools as he believes all children need and deserve a good education. He understands, as do we, that the path to economic prosperity lies in providing our children with the best education possible.

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Senator Leach also has championed a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million  undocumented immigrants who live in this country. Such a pathway is both a Jewish and American value and is good for the prosperity of our nation. He also is a passionate supporter of a strong and a secure Israel.

We believe that Senator Leach will be the  best advocate for the constituents of Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district. We are pleased to add our voice to those of the many others who look forward to his victory in the May 20 democratic primary.

Update: February 7, 2014 MoveOn Endorsement

Here’s what a few MoveOn members across Pennsylvania’s 13th district had to share about Daylin:

  • “Daylin Leach is a true progressive with exceptional people skills. His sense of fair play coupled with a great sense of humor will be able to build bridges and form much-needed alliances in Congress-without compromising his principles.”
    — Susan G., Lansdale, PA
  • “I know Daylin personally. While he’s often known for his wit, he is incredibly intelligent, a tireless advocate for progressive causes, and the type of person you would actually want in Congress.”
    — Tony H., Bridgeport, PA
  • “Daylin has been my PA state senator and he is a solid progressive voice and vote. He is also a fearless progressive leader in our area and a really good guy. Doesn’t hurt that he is really smart and funny, and comes from humble beginnings so he understands the life lived by most people.”
    — Mary Ann H., King of Prussia, PA
  • “Daylin Leach is one of the most forward progressive thinkers in Pennsylvania. As a leader in public education, the environment, women’s rights, LGBT equality, and tax fairness, Daylin is bold, unapologetic, and takes action. He has given us a light at the end of the apathetic tunnel-the antithesis of the do-nothing Congress of the past two years. I endorse Senator Leach and look forward to calling him Representative Leach in 2015.”
    — Eric E., King of Prussia, PA

Vanessa Redgrave and Yasir Arafat: Update to 2011

Jane Curtin as Vanessa Redgrave and John Belushi as Yasser Arafat in the April 8, 1978 opening sketch of NBC’s Saturday Night Live spoofing Vanessa Redgrave’s anti-Zionist polemic at April 3 the Oscars upon winning the Best Supporting Actress Award for her work in the title role of Julia.

By David Broida

Remembering Vanessa Redgrave, raising a rifle and dancing with Yasir Arafat, is easy, because – to use a popular cliche – a picture is worth a thousand words.  If only I had a picture to demonstrate a recent anti-Semetic outrage from across the pond.

In Scotland this time, the West Dunbartonshire Council has voted unanimously to boycott the purchase of “>The measure, introduced and passed in 2009, was in response to Israel’s Gaza incursion, which in turn was in response to the thousands of rockets that were fired from Gaza and landed in and near Sderot in southern Israel (are you following this?), and it indicated the municipal government’s dissatisfaction with Israel’s military actions.

That’s not new news of course, the council vote being 2 years old.  What is news, but has failed to make the front pages in the U.S., or any back pages either, or even a 2-inch article buried deep in the New York Times, is that the West Dunbartonshire Council seems to have fallen asleep at the wheel.  While Egyptian forces killed around a thousand peaceful demonstrators in Tahrir Square, while many hundreds, probably more, Tunisians were slaughtered by their government while peacefully protesting their lack of democracy, while Baharain, guilty of much the same, and futhermore, now guilty of putting physicians and nurses on trial for supposedly helping non-violent demonstrators in that country, while the 42-year dictator Col. Gadafi and his forces continue their war against their own Libyan people, and while in Syria shells its civilian population and refugees there——-need I go on? Apparently, yes.  Add Syria and the recent violent repression of peaceful protest in Hama and elsewhere.

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I think the picture that would be worth a thousand words is now in focus – the Scottish municipal council is guilty of focusing its ire on the Jewish State, while ignoring the crimes of the neighboring Arab states (and crimes around the world as well –  Ethiopia’s Mengistu, Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin, Central Africa Republic’s cannibal leader Bokassa, Papa Doc, Saadam Hussein, Stalin, Hitler, just to name a few whose names have never been introduced in a bill before the councilors).  Another crime that the Scottish municipal council ignores to its peril is the British execution of Kenyan freedom fighters in the 1950’s and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Kenyans in their quest for indepencence, and – dare I add this – the exceution by hanging of Jewish freedom fighters in the 1940’s in pre-state Palestine.  And then there’s the Boer War in South Africa, in which Great Britain set up concentration camps for unruly Boers, also conveniently forgotten by the councilors.  And how could I forget the execution of the 15 leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising, with the British commander in Ireland refusing to commute their sentences?   Irish, Kenyans, the Jews of Palestine – freedom fighters trying to throw off an oppresive occupying force, which is singular and not plural, because the occupier was one and the same and flies the Union Jack.

It seems the picture is not so sharp, not quite in focus, after all.  The blacks and whites have some shades of gray.

When the picture is enlarged, though, what becomes clear is the clearly anti-Semetic nature of the actions by these few Scots.  By focusing on only Israel, while ignoring the horrific crimes of others, can lead the reader to only one conclusion:  Israel has become for these Scots the chosen people.  As Teveye might ask, “Why choose us?”  Why, indeed!

The big picture, of course, is that the action of the West Dunbartonshire Council is not limited to that municipality.  The Boycott-Divest-Sanctions movement against Israel is growing, even here in the United States, which used to be Israel’s strongest ally, but is fast becoming Israel’s only ally.

The lesson to be learned may be this:  While anti-Semetism is at the root of the B-D-S movement, Israel does itself no favor by continuing the unsustainable status quo.  And American Jews, likewise, may be doing the Jewish State and the Jewish community worldwide no favor by failing to encourage Israel to sit down at a negotiating table with the Palestineans.

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Haverford, PA


An Open Letter to the Jewish Community

— David Broida

In the race for the U.S. Senate, there is only one true friend of Israel – Joe Sestak.

Here is what Joe Sestak had to say when addressing a Pennsylvania Islamic organization:

“It is my, and your, just duty to condemn not just terrorism – as you have done – but also to condemn the specific acts, and specific individuals and groups by name, associated with those acts, such as Hamas and Hezbollah…Otherwise, our language against terrorism remains that of silence…If there are ties to those of terror, or statements that impugn others by hate, there is an obligation to actively denounce them, against whomever they occur, including (against) Israel.”

    “My last visit (to Israel) was to tie one of my U.S. Navy air defense Aegis cruisers into the missile defense network of Israel, leaving the ship stationed off its coast for the nation’s protection.”

— U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, in remarks to the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-PA), Philadelphia, PA, April 27, 2010

Joe Sestak is courageous and proud of his support of Israel’s security.   Yet, some falsely claim that U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak is not a friend of Israel.  Ironically, these same people support his opponent, who voted repeatedly against giving essential aid to Israel.  These same people rush to use Israel as a political wedge issue when, in fact, U.S. support for Israel always has been bipartisan.

Joe’s opponent, Pat Toomey, as a U.S. Congressman, voted seven times against a total of nearly $15 billion in military and other aid to Israel.* Joe Sestak has voted yes on every vote authorizing aid to Israel.

We’re outraged by Toomey’s attacks on Sestak’s support for Israel.  While serving in the US Navy as an Admiral, Joe Sestak commanded a fleet of US ships in the Mediterranean, designed to protect Israel and reinforce her defenses.  The only thing Toomey has ever commanded is the “Club for Growth”, the right-wing group whose sole aim is to lower taxes on the wealthy and shrink government, which threatens our ability to have a strong national defense and come to the aid of our allies and friends.

Don’t be fooled.   In this race for the U.S. Senate, there is one true friend of Israel.  We’re proud to say that we’re voting for U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak for United States Senator.

For more information, go to or call 610-891-8956.

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Photo: Congressman Joe Sestak and Israel Chief of Naval Operations Eli Marom.

Footnote: Pat Toomey  voted:

  • against a foreign aid bill that included $1.82 billion for the implementation of the Wye River peace accords, passed by the U.S. House on 11/5/99, House Vote #572;
  • against  $2.82 billion in aid to Israel in a foreign aid appropriations bill on 10/25/00, House Vote 546;
  • against a bill providing $2.76 billion for Israel on 7/24/01, House Vote 266 and on 12/19/01, House Vote 505;
  • against a foreign operations bill that included $2.2 billion for Israeli military assistance on 7/24/03, House Vote 429;
  • against a consolidated appropriations bill that included more than $2.7 billion for Israel on 2/13/03, House Vote 32; and
  • against $2.53 billion for Israel, including $50 million to help resettle Jewish refugees from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, on 7/15/04, House Vote 390.

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