— by Nanci Kavich

Some online dating sites are becoming more specialized by pairing hobbies and interests, while others analyze people’s personalities and moral codes, all in hopes of helping the online dater to find their perfect match.  However, if you have a poorly written profile essay or badly chosen photos, none of these fancy tools matter. provides relief and assistance for those with poor writing skills, unedited photo selection and feelings of awkward self promotion. offers a range of services including essay writing, photo assistance, dating consultation and a concierge service where the dater is assisted for a full month with essays, emails and preparing for actual dates with advice on clothing, conversation starters and outing ideas. The online dating world is highly competitive and helps their clients to stand out with an honest and positive light in the massive dating sea.
Even the classiest and most intelligent people in the dating world are challenged when it comes to writing their essays.  Finding a potential life mate is more difficult than looking for a job.  Describing oneself in a way that will attract the right person poses a higher demand. It’s like writing a resume but adding personality and wit while appearing attractive and not braggadocios.  Unfortunately you can’t provide references.  One client who possesses a law degree and works as a professor at a leading university wrote “I tried online dating once before and had no luck.  I took my old profile to Profile Wingman and they helped me turn it into something far more interesting and attention grabbing.  That new profile generated immediate success–I had
multiple dates within the first couple of weeks of posting it.  Now, one of those dates has turned into a steady relationship.” focuses on presenting client’s goals and doing so with honesty.  If one’s true self is presented at the onset, then there are no surprises on the first date.  No time is wasted, no disappointments or hurt feelings.  While ProfileWingman authors the essays, the voice and tone of the article reflects that of the client.  Skype interviews are conducted with a list of deep digging questions asked in effort of getting into the mind and spirit of the dater.  Essays are also tailored to individual sites, and recommendations are made as to which dating site would best suit their needs.  The “Wingmen” assist in streamlining the dating process. was launched in February of 2013 to provide online daters a resource for perfecting their dating profiles.  The site offers advice on writing your own essay, weekly dating related blog topics and assistance in all aspects of online dating.  If you’d like more information about this topic or would like to schedule an interview with Nanci Kavich or Marcia Kapustin, please call Nanci Kavich at 402.659.6660 or email Nanci at [email protected]