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Philadelphia Science Festival: “Be a Scienist for a Day”

April 23, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

The Philadelphia Science Festival is a week long event, running from April 21 – April 29. On April 23, the festival is hosting several different “Be a Scienist for a Day” themed events at various locations:

10 AM

Be a Conservator!

Do you have what it takes to preserve archaeology’s greatest treasures? Find out with a visit to the Penn Museum! Visitors will investigate the science of deterioration and preservation as they participate in hands-on conservation activities alongside REAL Penn Museum conservators! Guests will have the opportunity to witness live conservation in the Museum’s Artifact Lab, where conservators will be available to answer questions from (time TBD).

Located on Innovation Plaza and alongside the Innovator’s Walk of Fame, the Be an Innovator! program will shine a light on the tradition of discovery and innovation in Greater Philadelphia and the groundbreaking contributions made to the scientific and entrepreneurial communities that have revolutionized the local, regional and global landscape. Participants will step into the shoes of innovators like Stephanie Kwalek, the DuPont chemist and creator of Kevlar, and designer extraordinaire Buckminster Fuller. Participants will learn about these individuals’ lives and discover their work through hands-on, interactive stations and challenges that connect the disciplines of art and science.

Multiple activity stations will be set up around Innovation Plaza, each with an activity based on a featured idea or innovator. A design challenge using everyday materials will allow participants to discover basic principles of engineering. Participants will also be able to explore the strength of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome by building their own models while comparing the properties of different materials to understand the science behind design. Another interactive station will provide context and allow participants to learn about the lives of the innovators with a fact-finding scavenger hunt around the Innovation Plaza.

Be a K’Nex Architect!

Be a K’Nex Architect – Become an architect for the day! Learn to draw blueprints, design an amazing skyscraper, build an architectural model, and work together to design an amazing city for your towers – all using locally designed and manufactured K’Nex building toys.
This workshop is appropriate for children in grades 2-6
All materials are included as part of your registration.

Explore Earth’s deep past at the Edelman Fossil Park at Rowan University. Explorers of all ages can dig alongside real scientists for 65-million-year-old fossils with their own hands…and take them home! Visitors can also examine Late Cretaceous marine fossils found at this site, including fearsome mosasaurs, 25-foot crocodiles, several species of shark and sea turtles. Talk with Rowan paleontologists about their research into the last days of the dinosaurs and visit the Fossil Park Store. Admission to the event is FREE. Cash-only parking is $10 per vehicle. The Edelman Fossil Park is not yet open to the public for regular tours, so take advantage of this unique opportunity for family scientific discovery! No metal tools are allowed in the quarry, but you may bring plastic shovels and buckets. We also have plastic tools for guests to use. Please bring sun screen and wipes (there are no washing facilities at this time).

11:00 AM

Be a Farm Scientist!

Join Food Moxie on the Henry Got Crops CSA Farm at Saul High School for some hands-on farming and science activities! Close toe shoes, long pants and long sleeve shirts are encouraged.

Be an Ecologist!

Collect water samples directly from the Delaware River, get your hands messy in the mud, study organisms under a microscope and see a catfish dissection. Ecologists can get dirty, so dress for a mess!

Want to find out what it takes to be an innovator? The University of Pennsylvania opens the doors of the Pennovation Center, Philadelphia’s hub for Penn Engineering robotics research and entrepreneurial initiatives, to robotics, engineering, technology, and innovation enthusiasts ages 5 to 105 for a day full of demonstrations, innovation talks, and hands-on activities. Program robots, solve challenges, and innovate the future. Learn how to put your ideas to work! Be A Pennovator is open to the public. However,
registration is required to participate in hands-on Pennovation activities.

Be a Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, or Occupational Therapist!

Help a patient in their recovery process as part of a health care team! You get to decide which member of the team you will be–the choice is up to you!

Ever wonder how a can of spray paint works? Why a marker writes? How lift machinery operates? Join Mural Arts Philadelphia and explore the mechanics behind the mural masterpieces that light up the walls of our city.
12:00 PM

Visit the Mount Laurel campus for a day exploding with STEM exploration. See the space station via virtual reality, investigate a crime scene for evidence, learn about blood typing, gain a deeper understanding of what you eat, use mathematics and data to discover the evolution of measurements, enjoy drone flying, robot fighting, and toy car racing!

Dive into ocean life at the Wagner Free Institute of Science. Temple biologists and other special guests will reveal the wonders of ocean organisms with a focus on the importance of coral reef ecosystems.

Be a CHOP Audiologist!

Learn what it’s like to be an audiologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Visit a high-tech, sound proof room, measure the volume of your music, and learn how your ears help guide you through the world. In addition to CHOP Audiologists,
CHOP Speech Language Pathologists will demonstrate therapies and technology to
address stuttering and severe communication disorders.

Be an Engineer!

Learn how engineers find solutions to problems and use these skills to build your own designs to solve challenges. You’ll work alongside engineering students from Philadelphia University to design and build your own engineering creations.

Be an 18th and 19th Century Doctor!

Find out what it’s like to be an early 19th century doctor in a real surgical amphitheater and learn about medicinal plants in the hospital’s Physic Garden.

Be a Doctor!

Go behind the scenes at Jefferson to witness healthcare professionals and medical technology in action. Role play being a doctor or a nurse at our teddy bear clinic, visit a simulation operating room, learn how medical imaging reveals the inner working of our bodies, and experience many other hands-on, family-friendly activities designed to expose you to the fields of medicine, health professions, and biomedical research. Children are welcome to bring their stuffed animals.

Did you know scientists need your help to learn about and protect bees? Learn how to track honey bees, recognize when a bee has been infected by a deadly Zombie Fly, map sites of ground-nesting bees and more!

Dress for the weather.

Get a rare inside look behind the hospital curtains of one of the area’s leading hospitals for children! In an exclusive interactive event, guests will have the chance to tour Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s state-of-the-art surgical facilities where hundreds of children’s lives are saved every day. Plus, learn what it means to be on a surgical team from the experts themselves through one-on-one interactions, special science games, and fun crafts.
1:00 PM

Be a Food Psychologist!

Why do we crave some foods, but fear others? Learn how taste, smell, memory, and emotion all work together to make us eat the foods we do. Test your levels of chocolate craving or desire to eat strange foods, and parents can ask questions about food neophobia (picky eating).

Family Science Sunday at Rowan University

Join Rowan University students, faculty, and staff for a day filled with science, technology, engineering, art, and math! Explore the science of sport and body movement, learn which numbers always surround you, catch a planetarium show, gaze safely at the sun, visit the Virtual Reality Center, and participate in numerous hands-on science activities for the entire family!

Be a Doctor! Teddy Bear Clinic

Bring your teddy bear or favorite doll for a check-up at our Teddy Bear Clinic, where children experience what it’s like to be a doctor or nurse. This hands-on, family-friendly program is designed to help children feel less afraid about medical emergencies.

Be an H2O-ologist!

The earth is covered in water from big oceans to small ponds. We need it to cook, shower, drink, and much more. Put on a lab coat and explore how water impacts both the animal and human communities of the Delaware River.

Take “Sunday Funday” to a whole new level during the Fishtown Science Crawl. With drink specials, explosive science demonstrations, and awe-inspiring activities at all of Fishtown’s most popular venues, this is the nerdiest bar crawl you’ll ever go on. So, raise a pint in the name of science and buckle up for the most mind blowing brunch you’ll ever have!
Locations include:

Barcade |1114 Frankford Ave (21+)
Bottle Bar | 1308 Frankford Avenue
Fette Sau | 1208 Frankford Avenue
Frankford Hall | 1210 Frankford Avenue
Front Street Cafe l 1253 North Front Street
Garage | 100 East Girard Avenue (21+)
Kensington Quarters | 1335 Frankford Avenue
La Columbe | 1335 Frankford Avenue
Pennsylvania SPCA Fishtown Center | 1546 Frankford Avenue

Be an Environmental Scientist!

Meet an aquatic scientist, ask questions, and explore how the mighty freshwater mussel is attracting attention for its ability to filter water naturally. See how they grow and learn about the role they play in our river ecology at the new demonstration mussel hatchery.

2:30 PM

Murder at the Mütter: Hooked

Forensics meets fun in this murder mystery party at the Mutter Museum. Uncover clues, analyze evidence, and crack codes alongside real forensics experts and find out if you have what it takes to be a crime scene investigator.



April 23, 2017
10:00 am - 2:30 pm
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