Why Progressive Jews Should Oppose Gorsuch for the Supreme Court

Purim approaches, and so does the hearing and vote for the president’s choice for a lifetime seat on the highest court in the land. Our 45th president, as imperial and out-of-touch as Ahasuerus (ex-wives! beauty contests!), displays a callous disregard for constitutional values, separation of religion and state and the importance of a fair and independent judiciary. Like the courageous Mordecai and Esther, we cannot afford to stay silent when we see a clear threat to liberty, equality and justice for all. That’s why progressive Jews should be speaking out to say that Judge Neil Gorsuch is wrong for the Supreme Court. [Read more…]

Paid Sick Leave Legislation Is a Moral Victory

Philadelphia’s legislation on paid sick leave is good news for the Jews, and everyone else in Philadelphia.

Linda Lempert and Eleanor Levie at City Hall

Linda Lempert and Eleanor Levie protesting at City Hall.

Last Friday, the Philadelphia City Council passed an earned sick days bill with a vote of 14-2, and Mayor Nutter signed it into law. The bill will mandate that Philadelphia employers with 10 or more workers must provide them with one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked, up to a maximum of 40 hours or five days a year.

Philadelphia is the 17th city to pass earned sick days. This is not about a handout, but an earned benefit that is long overdue.

Why is this a Jewish concern? Because it is about compassion, respect, and dignity for all those created in God’s image. A worker who has a proven track record should be able to take time off to deal with illness or injury, or that of a child or elderly parent, without worrying about losing pay, or their job.
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