The Druze: the Brothers of the Jews

By Liav Peretz

The Druze community in Israel are the brothers of the Jews. For those who do not know this amazing community, these people are incredibly committed to the State of Israel and its values. They are Zionist, patriotic, and human loving. This community signed a “blood pact” with the State of Israel in 1948, their children serve in the IDF, and the percentage of young people who enlist in the army is very high, And due to their relatively low numbers in the general Israeli population (about 1.5%), and their contribution is not always known to the general Israeli public.

The Druze Association promotes foreign relations, education, and culture. It presents the community’s contribution and its uncompromising commitment to the State of Israel. The association was established in 1989 and since then thousands of members of the Israeli community have joined it. As part of the association’s activities in the field of education, the organization sends about 180 doctoral students every year to countries in Eastern Europe and Spain. Another prominent activity of the association is the establishment of an electronic library that is open to the public in order to make education and access to electronic devices available to the poor people of the community. Enrichment and empowerment courses are offered to women in order to promote gender equality.

Liav Peretz,the director of the overseas project of the Druze Association,is working to establish a “triangular relationship” between the Druze community, the Jewish people in Israel, and American Jewry. He founded an academic research institute for the association that will deal with Zionist values, volunteerism in the community, Jewishness in the United States, and integrating women into public works. These values will create the infrastructure for the future generation and ensure its future in the State of Israel with security, prosperity, and hope for the future.


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