Trump: Israel Will Pay Price for Embassy’s Jerusalem Move

US Embassy in Jerusalem

— Ron Klein, Chairman of Jewish Democratic Council of America

JDCA condemns President Trump’s ominous warning that Israel will have to “pay a higher price” now that the U.S. Embassy has been moved to Jerusalem.

And you know what, in the negotiation Israel will have to pay a higher price because they won a very big thing, but I took it off the table. [The Palestinians] could never get past the fact of Jerusalem becoming the capital, but they will get something very good next because it’s their turn next. (President Donald Trump at West Virginia rally on Augustr 21, 2018)

This statement demonstrates – yet again – that President Trump doesn’t know the first thing about formulating effective U.S. diplomacy and maintaining historic alliances.

Threatening Israel – and offering vague promises to the Palestinians – will not bring peace to the Middle East, nor will it strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship. Instead, it further diminishes U.S. credibility in the region and breeds distrust among both Israelis and Palestinians.

By threatening to exact a price on Israel for his own flawed policy-making, President Trump has created confusion and distance from the Israeli government. It’s long past time for Trump’s supporters in the pro-Israel community to stop putting party over policy and to speak out against his reckless, and at times incoherent, foreign policy.


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