Technion Joins with Cornell for new Institute in Manhattan

Steve and Ilene Berger; Professor Adam Shwartz and his wife Shuli; and Linda Richman, executive director of ATS (American Technion Society) Philadelphia region. Photo by Bonnie Squires

Steve and Ilene Berger; Adam and Shuli Shwartz; and Linda Richman. Photo: Bonnie Squires.

Ilene and Steve Berger hosted a reception at their Ventnor, NJ residence for Professor Adam Shwartz, immediate Past Director of the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute in Manhattan.

Professor Shwartz, former chairman of the Technion Engineering department, delivered remarks to 60 sponsors and friends of Technion on the origins of the new institute on Roosevelt Island, and the role that former New York
Mayor Michael Bloomberg played in initiating the project.

Mayer Bloomberg was convinced that in order to grow economically, New York City needed a technology center that rivaled Silicon Valley, in California. He invited world class engineering and science universities to submit proposals for a new technology school that would drive innovation. Land on Roosevelt Island was made available for the project.

The Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute is a joint venture of two technology universities: The Technion –┬áIsrael Institute of Technology, and Cornell University. Cornell University’s main campus is in Ithaca, NY. Cornell has long had a presence in New York City. The Wiell Cornell Medical Center is on the Upper East side of Manhattan, directly across from Roosevelt Island. The Technion, based in Haifa, Israel, is famous for being the engine that drives the “Startup Nation” successes in the Jewish State.

The reception was sponsored by Linda Richman, executive director of the American Technion Society, Philadelphia Region. Since the 1940s the Philadelphia region has raised almost $100 million for the Technion.



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